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Tesla Unveils Snakelike Robot Charger for Electric Cars

Posted in by Rent a Tesla

Plugging your electric car into its charger with your own two hands is so 2013. So, it's a good thing Tesla Motors is building a robot that will plug your vehicle in for you. Last week, the company released a video on its YouTube channel that shows a snakelike robot slithering toward the charging port of Tesla's Model S electric car. The bot appears to connect with the port without any help from humans and, presumably, stays there until the car is fully charged before slithering away (though the 36-second-long video doesn't show all that). Tesla hasn't released any additional information about this helpful piece of machinery, but the company's CEO, Elon Musk, hinted back in Dec. 2014 that something like it might be in the works. The billionaire entrepreneur tweeted to over 2 million followers that Tesla is working on a "charger that automatically moves out from the wall [and] connects like a solid metal snake."